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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary(s) for veterans so they can rest, recuperate, recalibrate, rehabilitate, restore, reflect, respond, recover, renew & rejuvenate at their own pace.​


We believe in helping to the fullest out country's finest heroes. Our programs are evidence-based, strength-based, promising and valued-based.

Learn more about our first facility in the green mountains of VT in Chelsea.

Chelsea Ranch

  • Co-occurring Disorders group
  • Depression/Anxiety group
  • Life Style in Balance
  • Loss & Healing group
  • PTSD skills group
  • Mindfulness
 Veterans deserve our utmost respect and admiration for all they have agreed to sacrifice to protect and & defend our families, freedom and democracy. The WSR will be there for those that get derailed at any stage or phase in their life. Offering Veteran-centered care, meeting them where they are at, using strength-based methodologies to achieve the highest quality of life possible. Emphasizing PEER-POWER because Vets know Vets best. The supportive housing model is based on the premise that providing supportive services on site or in proximity to the housing site will help residents transition out of homelessness, remain housed, and live independently as possible. The premise of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, and the Permanent Supportive Housing Working Group is that housing is healthcare — because housing stability itself improves health and makes health and social services easier to deliver and more effective. Autonomous from yet collaborative with Government systems and with sustainability & resiliency as our motivation.


June 2015/tentative

Tractor Relay raising funds for Farming Veterans Marketing group, Veteran Farmers and OCW (Operation Comfort Warrior) via

JUNE 5-7  2015

Warrior Spirit Ranch VETERANS Powwow.

Tunbridge Fairgrounds

Founded December 3, 2013

NON-PROFIT EIN 46-4034707​

"All gave some...Some gave all...Some keep giving..."

Bless them all.

WSR POKER RUN coming soon with contests for best bike paint, tatooes, vests, and more stay tuned....

Tree House Contest providing awesome homes for Combat Vets. Rules coming soon


WSR is looking for a Veteran skilled in AUTOCAD or SOLIDWORKS software to do an image of our logo so we may have it metal fabricated for tags to put on our carpentry work and stenciling.
Details: It must be drawn with lines and curves and NO splines and saved as a DXF file.